¿Por qué decimos "no" a los cereales en la alimentación de tu jefito?

Why do we say "no" to cereals in your little boss's diet?

At Guauful , we have always taken into account the health and well-being of your little bosses. Therefore, today we want to talk about an important topic: why cereals should not be part of the diet of your dogs and cats? 🐾

Why aren't cereals good for your little boss?

Grains may be good for us, but it turns out our four-legged friends aren't equipped to process them the same way. Dogs and cats do not have the enzymes necessary to break the starch chains that make up cereals. This can cause your pancreas to have to make more insulin than normal and end up in overload. This extra effort can lead to serious health problems in the long run, and that's the last thing we want for our little bosses! 🐶🐱

What health problems can arise?

Health problems associated with a grain-based diet are numerous, including diabetes, tartar, cancer, obesity, pancreatitis, joint and digestive problems, kidney disease, and allergies. At Guauful, we want your little boss to live a long and happy life, and we know that a proper diet is a big step in that direction! 💚

Do dogs and cats need cereal?

Although our little bosses now live in houses, they are still carnivores. Their main source of energy comes from fats, not the sugars found in grains. Of course, it's okay if your dog eats a piece of bread from time to time. But, as a general rule, cereals are not a necessity in your diet. 🍖

And how did cereal get into pet food?

The history of cereals in the diet of our pets dates back to the 1950s and 1960s, when there was a surplus of cereals. As a result, it was decided to create cereal-based pet foods, mainly to lower production costs. Unfortunately, many pet foods, including some that are considered high-quality, are grain-based. That's why at Guauful we always recommend you read the ingredients on the labels of what you buy for your little boss! 🧐

What is the Wowful solution?

At Guauful, we are committed to natural food, without grains, and we offer BARF-type products and quality cans, as well as natural snacks. We want your boss to be full of energy and health, because he deserves it! 🌿💪🏼

Bottom line, a little grain now and then isn't going to harm your pet, but a grain-based diet can have negative consequences. For this reason, at Guauful, we help you offer your boss healthier and more natural alternatives. Because the health of your boss matters to us! 💖🐾

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