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Yow Up! Skin & Hair

Yow Up! Skin & Hair

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Contains fish oil, Omega 3 and collagen. It enhances shine and helps them care for their hair and skin. Provides firmness and elasticity.

Yogurt with fish oil, mostly salmon, with a high content of Omega 3 essential fatty acids: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which offer the following benefits:


  • Provides shine and health to the skin and hair.
  • Controls and helps hair loss.
  • Strengthens the immune system and increases natural defenses.
  • It increases palatability, thanks to its flavor and creaminess your furry friend will love it.
  • Contributes to cognitive and visual development.
  • Omega 3 is an effective and simple way to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Collagen, firmness and elasticity

This yogurt also contains collagen, whose main function is to provide firmness and elasticity. By incorporating it into your diet you can slow down aging and improve your well-being.

No added sugar, lactose free and 0% fat

The creaminess helps the palatability of the yogurt (improves its flavor), provides 88% humidity and fits fantastically with the hydration needs of our cats and dogs. Sugar and sweeteners are harmful to furry dogs, including those of natural origin such as honey or stevia. Therefore, these yogurts do not contain sugar, sweeteners or sweeteners of any kind - neither natural nor artificial.

Lactose is a sugar that is found - naturally - in milk (just like fructose in fruit or honey). Our products do not contain lactose either. 0% fat, because we do not want to incorporate more calories than our furry friends have in their daily menu. It feels good and doesn't make you fat at all.

In the same way that you do with an active yogurt for yourself, with our yogurt you will help strengthen your intestinal flora, increase the moisture of your ration already incorporate into your body essential micronutrients for your dog's health, achieving a healthy and balanced diet.

Daily diet

You can use it in a light breakfast , at meal time as a side dish or a dessert , in the fun snack , as a snack when you play with him, at home or in the park or at dinner.


If you want a fun and healthy time with your furry friend, there is no better snack than a yogurt that It does not make you fat, it hydrates and provides rich and healthy nutrients.


You can freeze it and make very healthy ice creams, dispense it into an interactive toy or in a mold. If you are going to make petsposteria, you can incorporate YowUp! yogurt. as an ingredient, since they like it and It does not contain added sugar or lactose.

Composition: Fermented dairy products (lactose-free yogurt) 87%, corn starch 3.5%, fish oil 3.5%, salmon 3%, pectin 1%, bovine collagen 0.5%, dry oligofructose 0.5% and turmeric long 0.01%.

Additives/kg: Flavoring compounds and Vitamin E 200 IU.

Nutritional information: without added sugar, without lactose, with prebiotic fiber, with collagen and Omega 3.

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